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December 2, 2012
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Ice Queen Part 1

-----Your POV-----
"Hey Dan ! Do you think there is anything to find on this land ?" A man said, his emotionless eyes looking up into the frozen sky. "Yeah, Ice said he heard weird sounds coming from here, but found nothing when he went here." The spiky-blond haired man answered, struggling in the thick snow.

You heard the men before seeing them, so you had the time to hide yourself. 'Why are they exploring so deep in my country?' you thought, slightly scared at the enormous axe the taller of the two men was carrying.
'What do they want from me? In what that scorched land could interest them? It's just freezing out there... Aaah, I'm feeling dizzy now.' You were too busy questioning yourself to hear the tall viking sneaking behind you, but whatever, your body began feeling numb because of the cold, and mostly because you were wearing a slight dress. And soon you collapsed as strong arms prevented you to sink in the snow, you just had the time to hear: "Norway, I think we don't need to search anymore!".

-----Denmark POV-----
The little girl collapsed in my arms, I saw fear in her (e/c) eyes as they closed. Norway ran to me "So who is it?". I looked up at him with incredulous eyes, he sighed as he bent down to look at the girl's wrist, where was a bracelet. "(Name) (Surname), Country of... oh, there's a scratch, I can't read it...". "Alright, we'll just have to ask her, but for now we can't let her alone here, she'll get frozen in no time." As I suggested that, I wrapped her in my cloak. "So, let's go!". Norway just nodded...

==Time skip==

-----Your POV-----
You were laying in a bed now. You could hear voices coming from outside the room, some men were arguing.
"Who d'you think w'll be t'king c're of her?"
"Of course I will!"- you recognize the voice of the one who found you.
"You c'n't even t'ke c're of y'rself."- It was hard for you to understand what this one was saying, but it was obvious he was furious at the other.
"Please, Su-san, Ta-san, stop bickering you'll wake her..." A soft voice said, trying to calm down the two fighters.
"B't h'll just lock h'r up in this house l'ke us..."
"Just stop for now, we will discuss this another time." - This cold, monotone voice made you shiver as you recognize the second man who brought you there.

You took you courage and decide to get out of the bed as the blond-spiky haired man opened the door to your room. Before you could make any movement he picked you up, holding you firmly in his arms.
"Dav, hvordan har du det, Ice Queen?"
The surname kept echooing in your head as you looked into is baby-blue eyes and muttered: "Hum, ajunngilanga, I guess.". He looked at you with interrogative eyes, you glanced back, he was the first to talk with a strange language, but whatever, you had understood what he wanted to know, so you answered "I said I was doing fine.". He looked relieved and smiled at you, you couldn't help but to smile back, shyly. He took you out of the room and down the stairs to the kitchen where four other men where waiting.

The tall viking introduced them to you: "The tall blonde with glasses is Sweden, the one with deep blue empty eyes is Norway, the one next to Sve is Finland and the one with the puffin is Iceland." they all made a small wave as they were called by him. You nodded and turn your head in order to face the man who was holding you. "Oh yes, I forgot, I'm Denmark, the North king!". You nodded again and faced the other guys, you could only recognize two of them: Norway who found you with Denmark, and Iceland, the first one to make a step on your land. Sweden was frightening you with no reason and the sweet smile over the finnish's face seemed to be too soft to be honest. You were lost in your thoughs when you noticed they all were looking at you. "Oh, (Name) imik ateqarpunga.. I mean, my name is (Name), but I don't remember the name of my country.". You were a little embarassed but the loud voice of the Dane behind you made you forget it.
"Haha, then I'll just have to give you one, right?", that sentence stunted you 'A name? A country name?'.

"Hum, let's see... How about Grønland ?"
Hapiness flew throught your veins as Denmark slighly hugged you. "Yeah, sounds great !" Your answer visibly pleased him and he kissed your forehead, not aware of the glance the swedish man gave him.

Thus began your life with the Nordic 5, under the responsibility of the so said "king of the north".
Hi, I had that idea in my brain since, like forever. And I wrote it, because it was preventing me from concentrate on my studies ^^. I don't know if it was made before, if it's the case I'm really sorry.
It might have two parts, depends on how you appreciate it, and also on my imagination.
Oh, and "Ta-san" is the surname Finland give to denmark, as I heard it in the drama CD.

Here are the translation for:
Sve's accent:
"who do you think will be taking care of her?"
"You can't even take care of yourself"
"But he'll just lock her up in this house."

Dav, hvordan har du det: Hi, How are you doing?
Grønland: greenland (that one was easy)

Greenlandic (yep, it exists):
ajunngilanga: I'm fine
...imik ateqarpunga: my name is....

Hetalia and the nordics belong to hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to you
Preview Image from: [link]
The plot belongs to me.

Part two is out: [link]
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If I remember well I mostly used this one:… and I put a careful trust in a translator online (which I can't seem to be able to find again ><). And, no, I'm actually from France, I only got to learn some Greenlandic words by writing this fiction. ^^
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