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December 4, 2012
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Mein Freund

You knew Gilbert for lots of years. You were getting along with his little brother too, they had moved to your hometown with their grandfather when Ludwig was still a baby. In that time you were 12 years old and were one of the few people in your city who knew how to speak German.

You then began to be close to Gilbert. His Grandfather would sometimes ask you to babysit Ludwig, you would always accept because it was the times were you were pratically alone with your friend. Him and Ludwig were always excited about you coming at their home, the blond haired boy even called you "Schwester".

You cheered him up when he felt down, when he pretended he was having so much fun alone, and he did the same for you. However, you never dared to ask about him and Lud's parents, your mind telling you it was better like this.

When high school was over, you went on your own ways, separating from each other, but you kept contact and you used to spend your evenings talking with him.

He passed through hard times, like when his grandfather died. But you were here, next to him, and next to Ludwig. You were fond of singing, and you were aware that your voice could sooth him.

"If they hurt you, they hurt me too. So we'll rise up, won't stop. And it's all about, it's all about us..."
And with this you would hug him and Lud.

But today was different, you knew it. He was sad, oh yes he was. You could see it in his rubby-coloured eyes. His silver hair were lightly moved by the wind as he approched you, with a wonderful bunch of flowers. He sat next to you and began to speak:

"Hallo (Name), I had somezing to tell you. I zink it'z time for you to know, you never asked even if I'm zure you vanted to know. Mein parents just abbandoned Lutz and I, I promized I vould protect him, as his big bruder, you know..."

You stayed quiet, waiting for him to continue.

"Und zhen großvater adopted us und decided to move out of zhe country. I couldn't meet many people during zhe journey...."

He stopped, tears rolling down his pale cheeks. He was sobbing incontrollably, cuddling the bunch of flowers. You wanted to pat his back.

"You are my best freund (Name)... You're even more zhan zhis... Ich liebe dich (Name)." he started to sing: "'If I could zhen I would, I'm going wherever you vill go'" as he kissed your grave.

He would have swear you whispered "Ich liebe dich auch, Gil" through the wind. And you did.

You wanted to take him in your arms, but you were no longer able to.

Gilbert knelt in front of your grave and put the buch of flowers down. And gave you his best smile, tears still dropping from his face.

"Auf wiedersehen, Mein Freund... Nein,..Mein Liebe..."
Maybe the picture made you guess the end of the story, but I just found it so beautiful...

And I'm sorry, Reader-chan, for your fate but well, it was for art's sake :)

Just let me know if there are any mistakes. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Here are the two songs I used:
[link] for Reader-chan
[link] for Prussia

The preview picture: [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to... Prussia I guess
The story belongs to me.
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